About Me

Meet Tom

I don’t shoot video….
I am a story teller of life as it happens.


Video productions are a joy for me to produce…..doing what I love to do.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll watch them over and over again, and you’ll share them with everyone.

I listen carefully to your needs and create great quality videos  quickly and cost-effectively.

If I’m filming you personally, the experience will be fun and stress free.

My style is “creative free style” story telling video. I incorporate HD video production with music timed to the scene and mood of telling your story.

I specialize in video story telling and projects that I call “Reflections” where I record the life of the bride and groom from birth to the wedding day including the bride and grooms parents wedding pictures. (A love story)
The “Reflections” video show can be shown at the reception celebration.
Everyone will love to see this, and it is a very exciting and fun addition to any reception.

My ideal client is a private party or a small business owner,  that wants to make a video for use on the  internet or DVD disk.  I am experienced with all types of social media and video sharing sites.

Most story projects typically run 3 to 30 minutes long and range from weddings, anniversaries, autobiographies, business ads, memorials and family celebrations.

(Business ads are about 2-4 minutes in length)

My special value pricing is very simple:

  1. By the hour  (Normally I charge $75 per hour for shooting and $80 per hour for my artistic editing)
  2. Custom package projects…based on your vision and budget. Contact me for package discounts.

Price formula: Normally it takes about 4-5 hours of editing for every hour of shooting  (40 hours of editing for a 30 minute video production)

A normal business interview is about one hour of shooting.

I work in the background with any still photographer you choose for wedding and event pictures.